X opened its doors on December 7, 2016. Founded by Emily Costello, X is a studio and hair academy with one goal: to reset the beauty standard in our beloved city of Philadelphia.

We are working together to cultivate an atmosphere of creativity, teaming up with both staff and clientele to redefine the meaning of craft hairdressing. 

X’s ideal clients are people seeking customized cuts and colors as opposed to what's “trending.” They are forward thinkers, artists, craftspeople. They have ideas that are outside the norm. They have sought us out because they value individuality as much as we do.

X specializes in hair cutting, hair coloring, and editorial work. We come from the most technically trained backgrounds. This allows us the fundamental basics, as well as the creativity, to provide the "how" and "why" for all of our services. We are an intimately sized studio, which gives us  the benefit of working one on one with all of our clients.

We are not a "hair factory" as much as we are a "hair family." 

Our motto? Creative hair for every day wear.